2015-06-06 Mitchell StokesRevert "BGE : KX_VertexProxy support for more than...
2015-06-06 Campbell BartonView3D: avoid jumping placing cursor /w lock on
2015-06-06 Campbell BartonUse threshold for selecting side-of-axis
2015-06-06 Julian EiselCleanup: Typos
2015-06-06 Campbell BartonCleanup
2015-06-05 Bastien MontagneFix wrong usage of THB_NORMAL size when generating...
2015-06-05 Howard TrickeyFix T44961, bevel spikes out when certain angles near...
2015-06-05 Antony RiakiotakisCleanup:
2015-06-05 Sergey SharybinCycles: Initial support for OpenCL capabilities reports
2015-06-05 Bastien MontagneFix T44960: Crash with 'Shape Cut' in edit hair mode.
2015-06-05 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Report to the console when the new depsgraph...
2015-06-05 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Fix typo in header guard comment
2015-06-05 Sergey SharybinImBuf: Fix compilation error with latest OIIO
2015-06-05 Campbell BartonBMesh: decimator, allow vgroup factor over 1
2015-06-05 Campbell BartonCheck ftell return values
2015-06-05 Jorge BernalBGE: correct ftell use in LoadGlobalDict
2015-06-05 Jorge BernalBGE Cleanup: remove dead code for collide, visible...
2015-06-04 Antony RiakiotakisNew "use placeholders" feature of the sequencer did...
2015-06-04 Campbell BartonBMesh decimate, improve behavior with weights
2015-06-04 Antony RiakiotakisFix modifiers stack not recalculated when mapping requi...
2015-06-04 Julian EiselFix tooltip colors not initialized correctly
2015-06-04 Campbell Bartoncorrect last commit
2015-06-04 Campbell BartonBMesh: decimator minor edits
2015-06-04 Campbell BartonFix buffer overrun searching program path on win32
2015-06-04 Campbell BartonLoading raw targa now sets the filetype
2015-06-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: redundant checks
2015-06-04 Campbell BartonFix for leak creating stereo images
2015-06-04 Campbell BartonCleanup: clarify order of precedence: &/?
2015-06-03 Howard TrickeyFix T41177. Bevel shouldn't try to slide along edge...
2015-06-03 Bastien MontagneI18n extract: better handling of commandline args.
2015-06-03 Bastien MontagneMake reading previews from .blend file more robust.
2015-06-03 Antony RiakiotakisDo not show brush cursor for fill brush (size not suppo...
2015-06-03 Antony RiakiotakisFix inconsistencies in texture paint UI T44929, T44927:
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonFix error calculating bmesh normals
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonBLI_stack: gtest for clear
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonBLI_stack, add clear function.
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonCorrect own fix reference before assignment
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonFix memory leak loading multi-layer OpenEXR
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonFix memory leak loading single-layer OpenEXR
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonFix for RMB Menu title including shortcut
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonFix UI string clip (reverse search separator char)
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: check button flag for shortcut delimiter
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonFix multires update (reading `char *` as an `int *`)
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonFix object align crash (use-after-free)
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonCleanup: metaballs called memcpy with NULL source
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonCorrect vert/edge slide poll functions
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonCorrect own recent error printing Python exception
2015-06-03 Campbell BartonFix race condition
2015-06-02 Sergey SharybinImBuf: Fix memory leak around EXR handle's multiView
2015-06-02 Howard TrickeyFix T44742. Bevel now avoids vertex meshes when only...
2015-06-02 Campbell BartonFix T36994: Make link modifier fails (soft body)
2015-06-02 Campbell BartonCleanup: use const for object copy funcs
2015-06-02 Campbell BartonFix operator exec /w popups that close the window
2015-06-02 Sergey SharybinFix compilation error after recent commit
2015-06-02 Sergey SharybinFix T44921: Node editor, nodes position not maintained...
2015-06-02 Sergey SharybinFix T44922: Split kernel renders black when using Bump...
2015-06-02 Campbell BartonFix own mistake searching python binary
2015-06-02 Campbell BartonSimplify Win32 extension check
2015-06-02 Campbell BartonFix drawing text on >2gig buffers (stamp for eg)
2015-06-02 Campbell BartonFix T44869: Crash rendering >2gb images
2015-06-02 Campbell BartonFix T44919: BGE marhutils attrs leak memory
2015-06-01 Ines AlmeidaUI: tweaks to ID and non ID preview templates
2015-06-01 Ines Almeidatemplate id previews: changes for consistency with...
2015-06-01 Ines Almeidatemplate ID previews: quick fix for buttons region...
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinFix T44908: Blender crashes when trying to use cycles...
2015-06-01 Bastien MontagneThumbnails: fix bad handling of invalid thumbnails...
2015-06-01 Bastien MontagneFont Preview: much better handling of i18n case.
2015-06-01 Bastien MontagneFont Preview: fallback to default english strings in...
2015-06-01 Antony RiakiotakisFix T44915 vertex color lost when adding new layer...
2015-06-01 Antony RiakiotakisDisable writing a crash file completely on Windows.
2015-06-01 Thomas DingesCycles XML API: * Add Bump and Holdout Node * Add todo...
2015-06-01 Thomas DingesCycles: Number keys 0-3 can be used in interactive...
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix wrong max nodes group used for the viewport...
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Strip meaningless empty output form the MVidia...
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Assert in the cases when SVM node was not handled
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Implement selective nodes compilation
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix some typos in the selective modes compilation
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Code cleanup, spaces around keyword and brace
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Fix missing features gathering from the bump...
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Add bump feature for selective nodes compilation
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Report build flags used for the OpenCL kernel...
2015-06-01 Sergey SharybinCycles: Shader node features are to be inherited from...
2015-06-01 Bastien MontagneFix T44894: Round two.
2015-06-01 Campbell BartonFix T40621: Tablet in walk mode fails
2015-06-01 Campbell BartonWM: include tablet data in WM_event_print
2015-06-01 Campbell BartonFix T44747: Drag toggle /w nodes (glitch)
2015-06-01 Campbell BartonCleanup: doxygen comments
2015-06-01 Campbell BartonFix for leak in BM_uv_element_map_create
2015-06-01 Campbell BartonFix T44892: Cursor warp, invoked outside the area
2015-06-01 Campbell BartonFix vertex slide regression /w rotated objects
2015-05-31 Bastien MontagneFix T44894: Broken packed image import from older ...
2015-05-31 Tamito KajiyamaImprovements to the Freestyle Python API (needed by...
2015-05-31 Julian EiselFix ugly drawing of closed panels in horizontal layout
2015-05-31 Campbell BartonPython: avoid mutable default param values
2015-05-31 Campbell BartonUI: comments (doxygen tweaks)
2015-05-30 Jorge BernalBGE Cleanup: Removing flen variable where it is not...
2015-05-30 Jorge BernalBGE Cleanup: Identical code for both if/else branches
2015-05-30 Gaia Claryfix T44884: corrected a wrong usage of the CustomLayer...
2015-05-30 Campbell BartonCorrect own error with recent commit
2015-05-30 Martijn Bergerpython tar.gz changed structure due to python.exe being...