2019-04-20 Campbell BartonGNUMakefile: disable tab expansion for 'make format'
2019-04-20 Pablo VazquezUI Overlays: Align checkbox with slider for Wireframes...
2019-04-20 Pablo VazquezUI Overlays: One line layout for Mask opacity.
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonFix invalid stack memory use with GPencil drawing
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonFix error in recent image preference change
2019-04-20 Alexander GavrilovNLA: check that properties are animatable.
2019-04-20 Brecht Van... GPU: automatically draw images with GLSL shader dependi...
2019-04-20 Brecht Van... Cleanup: remove unused OpenGL functions, rename some...
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonUI: correct accidental removal of TOPBAR_PT_name
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: re-use test for ELEM & STR_ELEM
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: quiet warning for NULL pointer use
2019-04-20 Pablo Dobarro3D View: add opacity for sculpt mask display
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: de-duplicate flag setting macro
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: quiet extra-semicolon warning
2019-04-20 AntonioyaFix T63732: GPencil Onion now working with multiwindows
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: comment line length (tests)
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: comment line length (windowmanager)
2019-04-20 Campbell BartonCleanup: formatting, unused args
2019-04-20 Dalai FelintoOutliner: Simplify logic for parent nesting
2019-04-19 Clément FoucaultEdit Mode: Make edit edges black by default
2019-04-19 Clément FoucaultDRW: Expose VBO garbage collection timings
2019-04-19 AntonioyaT63644: Editing while parented is not rotating correctly
2019-04-19 mano-wiiFix T63669: Particle editing bypassing occlusion.
2019-04-19 Sergey SharybinFix T63648: Missing update when changing particle force...
2019-04-19 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Remove dead code
2019-04-19 Clément FoucaultEdit Mode: Reduce Selected face alpha
2019-04-19 Clément FoucaultEdit Mode: Change face mode edges display
2019-04-19 Clément FoucaultDRW: Add batch garbage collection
2019-04-19 Clément FoucaultDRW: Make shaded batch validation more correct
2019-04-19 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Remove image preview code
2019-04-19 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Remove unneeded compositor update function
2019-04-19 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Remove unneeded texture nodes update function
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonFix error in recently added STR_ELEM macro
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCMake: fix Cycles linking with OpenCL
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCMake: fix building without smoke enabled
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonFix/workaround crash using ED_area_do_msg_notify_tag_redraw
2019-04-19 Brecht Van... UI: minor layout tweaks to 3D viewport gizmo menu
2019-04-19 Brecht Van... UI: tweak header context menu, gray out items when...
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonKeymap: add 'Adjust Last Operation' as F9
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonKeymap: add set start/end shortcuts to graph editor
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonKeymap: restore Ctrl-Tab in the dopesheet (removed...
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCorrect cleanup marking keyword args unused
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: remove redundant poll functions
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: logical checks in UI scripts
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: trailing commas
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused vars
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: use staticmethod where appropriate
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonMissing from last commit
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: correct misleading classmethod arg
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonCleanup: mark unused arguments in UI scripts
2019-04-19 Campbell BartonUI: move top-bar into the spaces header
2019-04-18 Alexander GavrilovArmature: remove remains of the object-level deformatio...
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonUI: Revert fix T37463: Y-clamp for header-only spaces
2019-04-18 Bastien MontagnePyTests: do not load addons in load_py_modules test.
2019-04-18 Alexander GavrilovFix T63332: backup and restore bPoseChannel_Runtime...
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... Images: support packing edited images as OpenEXR or...
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused region init functions
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... UI: collapse 3D view collections visibility panel by...
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... OpenEXR: add support for writing EXR files to memory.
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... Cleanup: deduplicate single/multiview image packing...
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... Cleanup: move image saving code to blenkernel.
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... Cleanup: make image saving code reusable outside operator.
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... Cleanup: deduplicate image user initialization, make...
2019-04-18 AntonioyaGPencil: Add option to mix color with texture
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: add trailing commas to avoid right shift
2019-04-18 Bastien MontagnePyTests: do not try to load non-2.8-ready add-ons.
2019-04-18 AntonioyaGPencil: Fix Drawing Path follow error while drawing
2019-04-18 AntonioyaGPencil: Initialize variable to remove console warning
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonMissing 2.7x keymap update from last commit
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonUI: replace toggle header with a property
2019-04-18 Bastien MontagneAlembic: catch weird exceptions from library instead...
2019-04-18 mano-wiiAMD glitch: missing changes in f41ab375f38b
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: add 'if 0' comment why code is repeated
2019-04-18 mano-wiiFix T62792: AMD glitch when clipping region in edit...
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonPyAPI: remove support for importing text blocks as...
2019-04-18 Sergey SharybinFix T63590: Blender crashes when deleting particle...
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... Python API: allow passing integer to some BGL functions...
2019-04-18 Maruf SarkerFix Embree link error after recent cmake changes
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonUI: option to toggle 'Adjust Last Operation'
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: comments, wrapping
2019-04-18 Jeroen BakkerUI: Expand Enum Items Over Multiple Rows
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: correct comment
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonUI: move region toggling to properties
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCMake: correct bad change to ceres linking
2019-04-18 Charlie JollyFix T63513: Gpencil - Circle guide activation with...
2019-04-18 Sergey SharybinDisable clang-format for Libmv
2019-04-18 Sergey SharybinFix compilation error when using SDL dynamic loading
2019-04-18 Sergey SharybinMerge branch 'blender2.7'
2019-04-18 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Attempt to fix wrong branch in buildinfo
2019-04-18 Sebastian ParborgFix T63663: Object mode proportional editing affects...
2019-04-18 Bastien MontagneCleanup: remove last bits of WITH_LEGACY_DEPSGRAPH...
2019-04-18 Jeroen BakkerOverlay Engine: Option to Disable AA Ortho Grid
2019-04-18 Jeroen BakkerFix mistake in recent commit.
2019-04-18 Campbell Bartonclang-format: add statement macro
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: indentation from braces in '#if 0'
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: comment blocks
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... UI: don't expand selection tool option enum
2019-04-18 Brecht Van... Cleanup: move region manipulation to utility functions
2019-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: warnings
2019-04-17 Ray Molenkampcmake: Fix python linker issues on windows.