2004-12-01 Stephen Swaneybugfix: #1930 Mathutils.Euler constructor fails to...
2004-12-01 Ton RoosendaalThree little fixes as reported by Campbell;
2004-12-01 Ton RoosendaalFixed old annoyance in Blender;
2004-12-01 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1922
2004-12-01 Ton RoosendaalBuf fix #1928
2004-12-01 Ton RoosendaalBug #1924
2004-12-01 Ton RoosendaalBug #1909
2004-12-01 Kester MaddockOnly do event processing for ipo actuators on frames.
2004-12-01 Kester MaddockMake objects lit by default if there is a light in...
2004-12-01 Kester Maddock.scr patch (from Raymond Penners)
2004-12-01 Willian Padovani... Scripts:
2004-11-30 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #1915
2004-11-30 Ton Roosendaal- Bug fix #1913
2004-11-30 Kent MeinRemoved an unused variable and the autoconf config...
2004-11-30 Ton RoosendaalOn report from IRC: expand/shrink selection (CTRL ...
2004-11-30 Willian Padovani... Scripts:
2004-11-29 Jean-Luc Peurièrefix for #1590, possible fix for #1849 (to be confirmed)
2004-11-29 Ton RoosendaalFixed fgon issues;
2004-11-29 Ton RoosendaalBug reported by Wavez;
2004-11-29 Alfredo de... bug #1897: Added check to make sure plugin actually...
2004-11-28 Ton RoosendaalAck, previous commit (4 hr ago) cancelled out recalcula...
2004-11-28 Ton RoosendaalImproved rule for selecting objects in solid view,...
2004-11-28 Ton RoosendaalFixed something that annoyed me for ages;
2004-11-28 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1903
2004-11-28 Ton RoosendaalFix for #1902
2004-11-28 Ton RoosendaalFix for unified rendering;
2004-11-28 Jean-Luc Peurièrecleaning commit
2004-11-28 Ton RoosendaalNot really bug, but fix for report in tracker;
2004-11-28 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1842, "black scanlines appear in render on...
2004-11-28 Alfredo de... Added nearly full support for Blender's procedural...
2004-11-27 Ton RoosendaalReport #1841
2004-11-27 Willian Padovani... BPython:
2004-11-27 Ton Roosendaal- draw compatibility with engine; without lights textur...
2004-11-27 Ton Roosendaal- Bug fix, reported by Stefano;
2004-11-26 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1893
2004-11-26 Ton RoosendaalFixes in reading .dxf (bug #1883)
2004-11-26 Ton RoosendaalTwo fixes;
2004-11-25 Ton RoosendaalSmall tweaks to make 3d drawing a tad more interactive...
2004-11-25 Ton RoosendaalFix for #1806
2004-11-25 Ton RoosendaalOne free too many on shading displaylists, causes mater...
2004-11-25 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #1889
2004-11-25 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1844
2004-11-25 Ton RoosendaalFix for #1887 and #1636
2004-11-25 Kester MaddockMake the material colour the default colour for objects...
2004-11-24 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1880
2004-11-24 Ton RoosendaalMade sure exporting files (any, ranging from dxf to...
2004-11-24 Ton RoosendaalBug reported on IRC by Chris Want
2004-11-24 Ton RoosendaalBugfix, based on Stefano IRC report.
2004-11-24 Ton RoosendaalUncommit changes for "bind_textdomain_codeset". Apparen...
2004-11-23 Chris WantMaking the C++ stuff work for the MipsPro 7.3 compiler.
2004-11-23 Jens Ole Wundmake mscv6 usrers happy
2004-11-23 Ton RoosendaalPatch provided by Yann Vernier
2004-11-23 Kester MaddockFix for bug 1800: mouse over sensor doesn't work for...
2004-11-23 Alfredo de... Possibly related to bug #1851:
2004-11-22 Ton RoosendaalFix for #1839
2004-11-22 Ton RoosendaalPotential fix for Sun glCopyPixels problem.
2004-11-22 Ton RoosendaalBugfix on irc report;
2004-11-22 Ton RoosendaalThree cases of unitialized variables found.
2004-11-22 Kester MaddockFix for bug 1600: alpha sort doesn't work on linked...
2004-11-22 Ton RoosendaalBug fix, irc report.
2004-11-22 Kester MaddockFix for bugs: 1788 (forces) and 1799 (python delattr...
2004-11-22 Kester MaddockFix stereo window creation
2004-11-21 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1838
2004-11-21 Ton RoosendaalDisabled B-B to goto circle selecting on armature edit...
2004-11-21 Ton RoosendaalBug #1865
2004-11-21 Ton RoosendaalFix for #1864
2004-11-21 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1859
2004-11-21 Ton RoosendaalFix for strange (showed in windows only) error that...
2004-11-20 Jiri Hnidek- bug fix #1843
2004-11-19 Ton RoosendaalBugreports keep coming in... including real bad one.
2004-11-18 Wouter van... bump version to 2.35a for scons v2.35a
2004-11-18 Ton RoosendaalUpped version for "make release" to 2.35a
2004-11-18 Ton RoosendaalFix for bug #forgot
2004-11-18 Ton RoosendaalMade view3d "home" and "local view" and "zoom to select...
2004-11-18 Ton RoosendaalBug fix #1833
2004-11-18 Ton RoosendaalBug fix for #1835
2004-11-18 Alfredo de... In plugin mode, blender's zbuffer will now also be...
2004-11-18 Alfredo de... Material TexFace mode support was still not quite corre...
2004-11-17 Ton RoosendaalThree bugfixes from tracker;
2004-11-16 Ton RoosendaalThree bugfixes, as reported on release;
2004-11-14 Nathan LetworyBuildinfo would give player instead of dynamic
2004-11-14 Nathan Letworybump version to 2.35 for scons
2004-11-14 Ton RoosendaalSplash size reduced with real jpg (previous was tga)
2004-11-14 Ton Roosendaal- 2.35 splash v2.35
2004-11-14 Ton RoosendaalUpped version to 235
2004-11-14 Ton RoosendaalBugfix #1796
2004-11-14 Ton RoosendaalLocalview fix of 2 hours ago created dependency with...
2004-11-14 Matt EbbNew outliner icon
2004-11-14 Jean-Luc Peurièremore conservative default build options for OS X
2004-11-14 Ton RoosendaalLatest icon buttons image
2004-11-14 Ton RoosendaalUpdate make system for darwin;
2004-11-14 Ton Roosendaal- Added tooltips for Curve and MBall edit buttons
2004-11-14 Matt EbbAdded missing items & hotkeys to menus in Outliner...
2004-11-14 Matt EbbSince the outliner is now the default (rather than...
2004-11-14 Ton RoosendaalBugfix in undo:
2004-11-14 Alfredo de... Minor modification of image texture export of 'TexFace...
2004-11-14 Chris WantThere were some variables that should have been declare...
2004-11-13 Ton RoosendaalFix for bug #1791
2004-11-13 Ton RoosendaalTwo bugfixes, thanks to release candidate tests;
2004-11-13 Ton RoosendaalFixed showstopper (thnx intrr!) bug in sequencer +...