2008-11-11 Brecht Van... Port of part of the Interface code to 2.50.
2008-11-11 Brecht Van... * Compile fix for RNA + makefiles.
2008-11-11 Brecht Van... Various changes made in the process of working on the...
2008-11-11 Brecht Van... * RNA: utility function to retrieve strings. It will...
2008-11-07 Nathan Letwory* fix for typo found by brecht
2008-11-07 Nathan Letwory=== SCons ===
2008-11-07 Brecht Van... RNA
2008-11-01 Brecht Van... RNA compile error and warning fixes for MSVC.
2008-10-31 Brecht Van... RNA / Data API
2008-10-08 Brecht Van... 2.5 Branch: use themes for drawing the time space,...
2008-10-05 Nathan Letworywhitespace commit
2008-10-05 Nathan Letwory* use env.Clone() instead of deprecated env.Copy()
2008-10-05 Nathan Letwory* merge main SConstruct and some of the utility scripts...
2008-10-03 Brecht Van... 2.5 Branch: added WM_report and WM_reportf functions...
2008-06-24 Campbell Bartonpatch from skejoe for gcc 4.3 compatibility
2008-06-19 Andrea Weikert== Rip Area into new Window Operator ==
2008-06-11 Brecht Van... 2.5 Branch: makefile update for last commit, patch...
2008-06-11 Nathan Letwory* small fix for compiling with scons 0.98.x
2008-06-11 Brecht Van... 2.5 Branch
2008-01-21 Andrea Weikert== join areas operator ==
2008-01-20 Nathan Letwory*remove superfluous glEnd(); - made func internal too.
2008-01-20 Nathan Letwory* grow AZone size
2008-01-20 Diego BorghettiChanges to the "join area" operator.
2008-01-19 Diego BorghettiMore change to the gesture manager.
2008-01-19 Diego BorghettiNew "Gesture Manager" system.
2008-01-17 Nathan Letwory* clean up ^M
2008-01-17 Campbell Bartongame engine wasnt compiling
2008-01-17 Diego BorghettiFix uninitited list pointer when duplicate an area.
2008-01-17 Nathan Letwory* First working version of a new split tool for areas.
2008-01-17 Nathan Letwory* don't copy azones- these are initiated runtime always.
2008-01-17 Nathan Letwory* make sure we don't crash on window duplicate, or...
2008-01-17 Nathan Letwory* Start ActionZone support for areas. This is bScreen...
2008-01-16 Nathan Letwory* rearrange screen level drawing code a bit in preparat...
2008-01-15 Nathan Letwory* I gotta remember my mantra for real
2008-01-15 Nathan Letwory* undutchification of printf's
2008-01-15 Andrea WeikertOperators: Join Areas
2008-01-15 Nathan Letwory* check for NULL. Could crash if passed parameters...
2008-01-15 Nathan Letwory* add exit app with CTRLKEY+QKEY.
2008-01-15 Nathan Letwory* area split:
2008-01-15 Diego BorghettiMore "data types" for the Operator property system.
2008-01-14 Nathan Letwory* fix for crash when mouse cursor changed areas. Not...
2008-01-14 Nathan LetworyOperators: Split Area
2008-01-14 Diego BorghettiNew API to access Operator properties.
2008-01-12 Nicholas BishopApplied a couple sculpt/multires fixes from trunk to...
2008-01-11 Kent MeinReverting changes made yesterday to Makefile... (Its...
2008-01-11 Chris WantThe python lib name should be 'bf_python' instead of...
2008-01-11 Kent MeinFixed typo from merge yesterday.
2008-01-10 Kent MeinCleaned up some things, more work to do here but its...
2008-01-10 Kent MeinChange vector structs from 3 to 4 so things are aligned...
2008-01-10 Ton RoosendaalAdd more memory clearing on file read for WindowManager.
2008-01-10 Ton RoosendaalTwo fixes in 2.5 branch:
2008-01-10 Ton RoosendaalBlender 2.5 project: added first more complex handler...
2008-01-09 Nathan Letwory* fix linking order for bf_python
2008-01-09 Andrea Weikertupdate to cmake files
2008-01-09 Chris WantLeave the game engine out by default (WITH_GAMEENGINE...
2008-01-08 Nathan Letwory* fix linking order for l00nix
2008-01-08 Nathan Letwory* apply patch #8020 by Thomas Knight (epat)
2008-01-08 Kent MeinCommented out a couple of verse functions that are...
2008-01-08 Nathan Letwory* tweak linking priorities - should help for GCC users
2008-01-08 Nathan Letwory* update scons-files to build with Ton's latest commits.
2008-01-07 Diego BorghettiAdd missing Makefile for libpython.a
2008-01-07 Chris WantPatch to change license to GPL only, from GSR.
2008-01-07 Ton RoosendaalFix for makefile to enter interface dir
2008-01-07 Ton RoosendaalNew linking order for the 2.5 editor/wm libs
2008-01-07 Ton RoosendaalWhole lot of changes.... here a shortlist:
2008-01-05 Nathan Letwory* GHOST win32: make sure window gets repositioned to...
2008-01-05 Nathan Letwory* make sure blender2.5 still compiles when WITH_BF_VERSE=1
2008-01-04 Diego BorghettiUse XInternAtom by default.
2008-01-03 Chris WantSupport for CMake
2008-01-03 Diego BorghettiAdd support for GHOST_kWindowState* to Linux.
2008-01-02 Nathan Letwory* make sure we have still a compiling GE with scons...
2008-01-01 Nathan Letwory* making sure removal of headers still has successful...
2008-01-01 Campbell Bartonremoved some more header files, made the game engine...
2008-01-01 Ton RoosendaalSome notes for those who try to follow this :)
2008-01-01 Campbell Bartonremoved blenderdef.h, BIF_*, BDR_* and BSE_* header...
2008-01-01 Ton RoosendaalMore work on restoring Blender;
2008-01-01 Nathan Letwory* make sure desktop is redrawn when coming out of GHOST...
2008-01-01 Nathan Letwory* silence more warnings
2008-01-01 Nathan Letwory* some cleanup of warnings
2008-01-01 Nathan Letwory* kill a warning
2008-01-01 Nathan Letwory* add fullscreen toggle operator (for testing fullscree...
2007-12-31 Diego BorghettiI got confused screenToClient with clientToScreen.
2007-12-31 Nathan Letwory* fix include path (found by jensverwiebe)
2007-12-31 Diego BorghettiFix bad argument order to XTranslateCoordinates.
2007-12-30 Nathan Letwory* make sure decoration is there when toggling away...
2007-12-30 Nathan Letwory* also distinguish between maximised and fullscreen...
2007-12-30 Nathan Letwory* revert my change to windowmanager move/size handling.
2007-12-30 Ton RoosendaalRemoved silly Global windowstate variable.
2007-12-30 Nathan Letwory* request by kaito - we're debugging 2.5 now more than...
2007-12-30 Nathan Letwory* handle WM_MOVE on win32 in GHOST
2007-12-30 Ton RoosendaalWindowmanager, ghost side:
2007-12-30 Nathan Letwory* remove unneeded include (msvc barfs on it), now curre...
2007-12-29 Nathan Letwory* some additions and a removal in stubs.c (by elubie)
2007-12-29 Ton RoosendaalAccidentally removed a bit too many badlevel calls.
2007-12-29 Nathan Letwory* fix include paths in SConscripts for GE.
2007-12-29 Ton RoosendaalBadlevel call amount reduced to 21!
2007-12-29 Martin PoirierAdding stubs for audiostream
2007-12-29 Nathan Letwory* add also SConscripts for editors.
2007-12-29 Ton RoosendaalPorted over the bad-level cleanup from Chris for Sculpt.
2007-12-29 Ton RoosendaalEh, comment should be on line above :)