2017-04-18 Sybren A. StüvelMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-04-18 Sergey SharybinFix text drawing with core profile
2017-04-18 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic import/export: write curve resolution to user...
2017-04-18 Dalai FelintoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into blend...
2017-04-18 Dalai FelintoRevert "Object Info node support for GLSL mode and...
2017-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: missing headers
2017-04-18 Campbell BartonCleanup: replace num/ct/tot with 'len'
2017-04-18 Dalai FelintoOpenGL: Update GPU_legacy_stubs.c
2017-04-18 Dalai FelintoOpenGL: Comment out the old tokens from gl-deprecated
2017-04-18 Dalai FelintoBGL: Remove deprecated enums
2017-04-18 Clément FoucaultEevee: Fix warning
2017-04-18 Alexander RomanovObject Info node support for GLSL mode and the internal...
2017-04-18 Campbell BartonDraw Manager: T51218 Support edit-mesh hide
2017-04-18 Bastien MontagneFix for new Ubuntu 17.04, which does...
2017-04-18 Sergey SharybinUse better workaround ofr getting scene layer for Deriv...
2017-04-18 Bastien MontagneRemove deprecated GL_LIGHTING chunk from manipulator...
2017-04-18 Sergey SharybinFix T51187: Memory leak when exporting OpenEXR monochro...
2017-04-18 Sybren A. StüvelMerged master@e12c3110024dc4b62ffefa739288218b04e39f71...
2017-04-18 Campbell BartonGarwain: fix ShaderInterface buffer shrinking
2017-04-18 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic unittest: pass unknown CLI arguments to unittes...
2017-04-18 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic import: fall back to linear when variable order...
2017-04-18 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic export: fixed curve type and order.
2017-04-18 Clément FoucaultEevee: Introduction of world preconvolved envmap.
2017-04-18 Clément FoucaultGPUFramebuffer: Allow to bind a specific texture mip...
2017-04-18 Clément FoucaultGPUTexture: Fix Cubemap upload
2017-04-18 Clément FoucaultGPUTexture: Add Mipmap Control functions.
2017-04-18 Dalai FelintoRemove 4.1 pseudo-deprecated calls from gl-deprecated
2017-04-18 Pascal SchoenSquashed commit of the following:
2017-04-18 Sergey SharybinCycles: Cleanup, style
2017-04-18 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Use proper scene to get frame from for pose...
2017-04-18 Sergey SharybinCycles: Remove meaningless volume shaders
2017-04-18 Sergey SharybinFix strict compiler compilation
2017-04-18 Campbell BartonGawain: fix missing NULL check
2017-04-18 Aaron CarlisleFix UI: double separator in Movie Clip Editor's view...
2017-04-18 Aaron CarlisleFix brush menu broken before adding uv and texture...
2017-04-17 Bastien MontagneFix T51150: user_remap on itself changes users to 0.
2017-04-17 Ines AlmeidaOpenGL: Fix crash on start with Mesa drivers
2017-04-17 Bastien MontagneFix T51176: Cache file location can be blank and preven...
2017-04-17 Bastien MontagneBLI: make BLI_make_existing_file() return true on succe...
2017-04-17 Bastien MontagneFluidsim cleanup: get rid of magic numbers!
2017-04-17 Alexander RomanovFix build error on Windows introduced in D2425
2017-04-17 Mike ErwinGawain: fix for last commit
2017-04-17 Mike ErwinGawain: shrink ShaderInterface name buffer
2017-04-17 Mike ErwinGawain: look up uniforms by name quicker
2017-04-16 Germano CavalcanteObject.raycast: more minor improvements ...
2017-04-16 Mike ErwinOpenGL: tweak GPU_texture_create_nD
2017-04-16 Mike Erwinfix mistake from last commit
2017-04-16 Mike Erwincleanup use of immUniformColor
2017-04-16 Mike ErwinGawain: add immUniformColor3ubvAlpha
2017-04-16 Mike Erwinuse immUniformColor instead of immUniform("color"
2017-04-16 Antonio VazquezFix T49617: Grease Pencil Stroke Placement regression
2017-04-16 Mike ErwinGawain: move AttribBinding funcs to private interface
2017-04-16 Mike ErwinGawain: fix compiler warnings
2017-04-16 Mike ErwinGawain: fix compilation on MSVC 2013
2017-04-15 Mike ErwinOpenGL: minor cleanup & TODO
2017-04-15 Mike ErwinGawain: look up builtin uniforms by enum, not by name
2017-04-15 Mike ErwinGawain: use ShaderInterface to manage vertex attribs
2017-04-15 Mike ErwinGawain: remove 2D matrix uniforms from ShaderInterface
2017-04-15 Mike ErwinGawain: fix header comments
2017-04-15 Mike ErwinGawain: move some VertexFormat funcs to private interface
2017-04-15 Mike ErwinGawain: rename AttribBinding clear for consistency
2017-04-15 Julian EiselFix missing manipulator update after undo
2017-04-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: lattice drawing had mesh include & names
2017-04-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: GPU header guards
2017-04-15 Campbell BartonGPU matrix: add back type checks
2017-04-15 Campbell BartonRemove redundant declaration
2017-04-15 Campbell BartonFix T51149: Joining curves allows 2D curves in 3D
2017-04-15 Germano CavalcanteObject.raycast: error in previous commit
2017-04-15 Mike ErwinGPU Matrix API: clean up after 2D-3D unification
2017-04-15 Germano CavalcanteFix: Object.raycast: error to free treedata
2017-04-15 Germano CavalcanteObject.raycast: Also test distance from BoundBox
2017-04-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: Use doxy-groups for draw-cache
2017-04-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: explicit names for return arguments and positi...
2017-04-15 Germano CavalcanteObject.raycast: Test the hit on the BoundBox first
2017-04-14 Jens VerwiebeFix Player stubs (tm)
2017-04-14 Brecht Van... Fix T51216: SSAO attenuation not being scale invariant.
2017-04-14 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic import: fixed dupligroup export when the dupli...
2017-04-14 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic export: fixed flattened dupligroup import
2017-04-14 Dalai FelintoGPU Matrix API: Remove ModelView/Projection 3D suffix
2017-04-14 Dalai FelintoGPU Matrix API refactor: Stick to a single 4x4 stack...
2017-04-14 Bastien MontagneAdd fatal error in CMake when trying to build WITH_GAME...
2017-04-14 Alexander RomanovObject Info node support for GLSL mode and the internal...
2017-04-14 Mike ErwinOpenGL: fix Mac crashing on startup
2017-04-14 Brecht Van... Fix T49429: incorrect Blender internal viewport border...
2017-04-14 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic import: greatly improved curve/hair import...
2017-04-14 Dalai FelintoGawain: fix crash when drawing batches (e.g., scale...
2017-04-14 Sybren A. StüvelAdded simple unittests for Alembic exporter
2017-04-14 Bastien MontagneMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2017-04-14 Bastien MontagneFix Blenderplayer (c)
2017-04-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: triple quotes for docstrings
2017-04-14 Campbell BartonBLF: avoid glyph cache use-after free
2017-04-14 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Fix typos
2017-04-14 Sergey SharybinBuildbot: Attempt to fix CUDA compilation on OSX
2017-04-13 Mike ErwinOpenGL: use ShaderInterface to look up uniforms
2017-04-13 Dalai FelintoRevert "OpenGL core: add some missing gpuBegin to allow...
2017-04-13 Aaron CarlisleUI: Add/Improve a few tooltips
2017-04-13 Campbell BartonDraw Manager: lattice editmode drawing
2017-04-13 Dalai FelintoOpenGL core: add some missing gpuBegin to allow clay...
2017-04-13 Dalai FelintoOpenGL: do not support legacy matrix when using core...