2018-01-17 Sybren A. StüvelMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-17 Sybren A. StüvelSimplified GRAPH_OT_driver_delete_invalid after feedbac...
2018-01-17 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Use more const qualifiers
2018-01-17 Sybren A. StüvelMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-17 Sybren A. StüvelAdded "Delete Invalid Drivers" operator
2018-01-17 Campbell BartonCleanup: replace BLI_dynstr w/ BLI_string_joinN
2018-01-17 Sergey SharybinDepsgrapph: Fix/workaround for missing hair
2018-01-17 Campbell BartonRevert "Fix use-after free in DRW_shader_create_with_lib"
2018-01-17 Campbell BartonFix assert in mesh batch conversion
2018-01-17 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-17 Campbell BartonFix use-after free in DRW_shader_create_with_lib
2018-01-17 Campbell BartonCorrect simple deform versioning from D2989
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: Update lightprobes when deleting or linking...
2018-01-16 Campbell BartonFix T53810: Crash removing a scene used in render
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: SSS: Fix OpenGL error when enabling TRANSLUCENCY...
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultDRW: Codestyle refactor: Use macro to create shader...
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: SSR: Fix artifacts at object/background limits.
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: Fix Hashed Alpha.
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: AO: Removes samples and denoise options.
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: Add macro to sample noise in utilTex.
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: SSR: Derive the brdf bias from the trace quality.
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: Fix SSRefraction noise.
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: SSR: Enhance the halfres raytrace.
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: SSR: Optimise Texture fetches and solve noise...
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: SSR: Remove ray count and use integer texture...
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultEevee: Fix noise correlation in the blue noise update.
2018-01-16 Clément FoucaultDRW: Change framebuffer texture creation.
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Avoid ifdefs in multiple places
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Remove deprecated enum flags
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Get rid of legacy extra recalc flags
2018-01-16 Bastien MontagneStatic override: cleanup: name consistency.
2018-01-16 Bastien MontagneStatic override: enhance 'make override' operator.
2018-01-16 Bastien MontagneStatic overrides API: add functions to create overrides...
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinCleanup: Naming of depsgraph
2018-01-16 Sybren A. StüvelAlembic: don't explicitly pass NULL
2018-01-16 Sybren A. StüvelT53711: Alembic don´t import vertex colors correctly
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDraw manager: Cleanup, use full name for depsgraph...
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDraw manager: Make depsgraph a part of draw state
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDraw manager: Make update context aware of what depsgra...
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: pass depsgraph to editors update context...
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinAdd dedicated pointer to an original ID datablock
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinSculpting: Fix uninitialized color being left for smoot...
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinSculpting: Fix for "Hide Mask" does not work with multires
2018-01-16 Campbell BartonManipulator: fix arrow offset in perspective view
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinFix compilation error
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinFix missing node tree updates when unconnected node...
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Fix fake cyclic dependencies for node tree...
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Better relations name
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Check for ID match when checking if operatio...
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Cleanup, indentation
2018-01-16 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: Cleanup, brace placement\
2018-01-16 Campbell Bartonreadfile: ensure blend header follows the spec
2018-01-16 Campbell BartonRuler Manipulator: dragging out of the view removes
2018-01-16 Campbell BartonManipulator: Support tweak removing the manipulator
2018-01-16 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-16 Campbell BartonCleanup: indentation
2018-01-16 Campbell BartonUI: support canceling color ramp drag
2018-01-15 Dalai FelintoFix collection visibility evaluation
2018-01-15 Dalai FelintoFix crash in outliner when moving objects around
2018-01-15 Dalai FelintoOutliner/Collections: Fix objects disappearing when...
2018-01-15 GermanoFix: Mesh Edit Mode Shader: Correct artifacts that...
2018-01-15 GermanoFix unreported: Eevee Principled Shader: Crash because...
2018-01-15 Clément FoucaultGPU Texture: Add GL_RG16I format.
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonGPU_batch_from_poly_2d_encoded: skip winding check
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonGPU_batch_from_poly_2d_encoded: optional rctf arg
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: update comments
2018-01-15 Sergey SharybinMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-15 Karl SemichAllow for multi-gigapixel renders
2018-01-15 Sergey SharybinCycles: CLeanup, remove unused function argument
2018-01-15 Sergey SharybinSculpting: Sdd an option to hide mask in viewport
2018-01-15 Sergey SharybinGPU buffers: Use bitflag to whether we want to show...
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonManipulator: vector icons for 3D view navigation
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonManipulator: support for buttons as vector shapes
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonGPU_batch: Add utility to create 2D shapes
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonGPU_batch_presets: move static vars into struct
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonCleanup: split GPU_batch_presets into own file
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonManipulator: add free callback
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-15 Campbell BartonRNA: Add RNA_property_string_set_bytes
2018-01-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: correct names
2018-01-14 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-14 Campbell BartonCleanup: BLI_ghash
2018-01-14 Campbell BartonFix T53772: Presets don't support colons
2018-01-13 GermanoMerge branch 'blender2.8' of
2018-01-13 Brecht Van... Merge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-01-12 Brecht Van... Fix T53771: missing view pixels when rendering multivie...
2018-01-12 Mai LavelleCycles: adaptive subdivision support for panoramic...
2018-01-12 Brecht Van... Code refactor: adjust camera update for easier code...
2018-01-12 Brecht Van... Code cleanup: remove test code to disable motion blur...
2018-01-12 GermanoDraw Manager: Edit Mode Shader: Remove `#ifdef GPU_INTEL`
2018-01-12 Clément FoucaultEevee: Fix motion blur alpha being > 1.0
2018-01-12 Clément FoucaultEevee: Fix Motion blur not working in OGL render.
2018-01-12 Sergey SharybinFix T53759: Cycles / 2.8: Light position doesnt update...
2018-01-12 Dalai FelintoOutliner: Harmless cleanup
2018-01-12 Campbell BartonFix bmesh.utils.face_join arg parsing
2018-01-12 Campbell BartonUser Prefs: app-template option to hide the cursor
2018-01-12 Campbell BartonUser Prefs: add new flag for app-template options