2018-05-30 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-30 Campbell BartonEdit Mode: add success return value
2018-05-30 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-30 Campbell BartonDNA: add OB_DATA_SUPPORT_EDITMODE macro
2018-05-29 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: LookDev, reset camera settings
2018-05-29 GermanoFix last commit.
2018-05-29 GermanoFix T55223: Crash when changing lattice resolution.
2018-05-29 Campbell BartonCorrect last commit
2018-05-29 Campbell BartonKeymap: partially implement changes from T55162
2018-05-29 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: LookDev blurred background
2018-05-29 Dalai FelintoCleanup
2018-05-29 Dalai FelintoFix crash when moving object parented to a curve
2018-05-29 Dalai FelintoUse the correct time to evaluate object in BKE_object_w...
2018-05-29 Dalai FelintoUse correct time for curve parent evaluation
2018-05-29 Jeroen BakkerStudioLight: Calculate Specular irradiance
2018-05-29 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: LookDev reversed the background fadeout
2018-05-29 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: LookDev fadeout to the world horizon color
2018-05-29 Bastien MontagneMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-29 Bastien MontagneCleanup: Get rid of G.main in BKE_material.
2018-05-29 Campbell BartonObject Modes: disable mode switching on selection
2018-05-29 Howard TrickeyFor 2.8, bring back debug mode indices display.
2018-05-29 Campbell BartonMissed own last commit
2018-05-29 Dalai FelintoFix T55244: Parenting object(s) to curve crashes blender
2018-05-29 Campbell BartonObject Modes: only use selection for mode switch
2018-05-29 Joshua LeungFix: Only change transform mode from translation to...
2018-05-29 Campbell BartonUI: Expand space sub-types into the menu
2018-05-29 Bastien MontagneCleanup: use same 'depsgraph' name everywhere outside...
2018-05-29 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: LookDev fade out background option
2018-05-29 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: LookDev use_scene_light draw option
2018-05-29 Sergey SharybinFix T55203: Particle hair weights are not preserved
2018-05-29 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: LookDev overlays enabling
2018-05-29 Ray Molenkampmake.bat : fix release build not getting the right...
2018-05-29 Ray MolenkampMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into blend...
2018-05-29 Ray Molenkampmake.bat : improve error message while detecting the...
2018-05-29 Ray MolenkampMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into blend...
2018-05-29 Ray Molenkampmake.bat : add support for building with ninja and...
2018-05-28 Tuomo KeskitaloCOW operators: Fix VIEW3D_OT_view_all cursor not updati...
2018-05-28 Brecht Van... Cleanup: fix some harmless compiler warnings.
2018-05-28 Brecht Van... Fix T55204: proxy object disappearing randomly.
2018-05-28 Brecht Van... Fix assert in workbench drawing, instance data not...
2018-05-28 Ines AlmeidaCOW operators: Fix drag and dropping of color properties
2018-05-28 Ray MolenkampMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into blend...
2018-05-28 Ray MolenkampWindows: Add support for building with clang.
2018-05-28 Dalai FelintoRename EEVEE visibility group > collection
2018-05-28 Joshua LeungUgly Hacky Fix: Clear Loc/Rot/Scale + Autokey now works...
2018-05-28 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: lookdev default materials
2018-05-28 Joshua LeungFix T55231: Setting from RNA didn't tag...
2018-05-28 GermanoCoW: Skip pointers that are used in Lattice edit mode.
2018-05-28 GermanoCleanup: Fix typo: updata -> update
2018-05-28 GermanoCoW: Skip used pointers in MetaBall edit mode.
2018-05-28 GermanoCoW: Skip pointers used in Text edit mode.
2018-05-28 Campbell BartonTool System: workaround psys cursor conflict
2018-05-28 Campbell BartonRNA: re-enable property notifiers
2018-05-28 Sergey SharybinDepsgraph: preserve memory caches for particles when...
2018-05-28 GermanoWorkbench: Fix uninitialized variable usage.
2018-05-28 Jeroen BakkerEEVEE: LookDev storage list wrongly used
2018-05-28 Brecht Van... Fix T55226: outliner glitch with item open/close, after...
2018-05-28 Jeroen BakkerEEvEE: LookDev
2018-05-28 Joshua LeungFix: Action/Graph editor UI's didn't update when channe...
2018-05-28 Campbell BartonUI: Option to layout properties in two columns
2018-05-28 Sergey SharybinFix missing animation curves update when tweaking f...
2018-05-28 Antonio VazquezMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-27 Brecht Van... Fix Cycles + OSL build error, pass main to node editing...
2018-05-27 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-27 Campbell BartonUI: center align number buttons w/o text
2018-05-27 Pablo VazquezSlightly blue tinted variation of the upcoming Flatty...
2018-05-27 Bastien MontagneMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-27 Bastien MontagneCleanup: Nuke most of remaining evil G.main from RNA.
2018-05-27 Lukas StocknerMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-27 Lukas StocknerCycles: Fix problems in the IES loader when rendering...
2018-05-27 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-27 Campbell BartonUI: replace BLI_strncpy w/ memcpy
2018-05-27 Clément FoucaultGrid: Do not go over objects in front/side ortho views.
2018-05-27 Campbell BartonMerge branch 'master' into blender2.8
2018-05-27 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused var
2018-05-27 Campbell BartonRecently added IES conflicts w/ EEVEE
2018-05-27 Clément FoucaultGrid: Fix T51813: Opaque grid on OSX.
2018-05-27 Campbell Barton3D View: minor change to NDOF view orbit
2018-05-27 Campbell BartonFix restrict error in BLI_str_format_byte_unit
2018-05-27 Ray Molenkampmake.bat : Fix builtime.txt being written in the wrong...
2018-05-26 Lukas StocknerCycles: Add Support for IES files as textures for light...
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultWorkbench: Shadow: Refine camera in shadow test.
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultWorkbench: Shadows: Add frustum check and camera occlus...
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultArmature: Fix warning.
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultDRW: Add new DRW_debug API.
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultWorkbench: Codestyle
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultWorkbench: Shadow: Add shader variant for manifold...
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultWorkbench: Shadow: Use depth fail method for manifold...
2018-05-26 Brecht Van... Threads: add spinlock hit for hyperthreading processors...
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultArmature: Make Custom bone have the same appearance...
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultArmature: Fix missing bone edges in object mode.
2018-05-26 Clément FoucaultArmature: Modify Shape outline shader to use Line adjac...
2018-05-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused defines
2018-05-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: unused defines
2018-05-26 Campbell BartonRNA: correct naming w/ last cleanup
2018-05-26 Campbell BartonRNA: follow boolean naming conventions
2018-05-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: whitespace, long lines, duplicate include
2018-05-26 Campbell BartonCleanup: rename RNA property to match UI
2018-05-26 Campbell BartonCOW Fix: Lamp manipulators
2018-05-26 Ray Molenkampmake.bat: Add support for building with ninja.