2009-08-12 Daniel GenrichSmoke:
2009-08-12 Campbell Bartonunit grid snap while transforming, display units in...
2009-08-12 William ReynishEdited timeline header layout slightly.
2009-08-12 William ReynishPut back sequencer type icons, and moved the type menu...
2009-08-12 William ReynishSequencer UI layout tweaks.
2009-08-12 Campbell Bartonwhen units are enabled use them for 3d viewport grid...
2009-08-12 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-08-12 Matt Ebb* osx cmake libsamplerate fix
2009-08-12 Daniel GenrichReverting "fix" - didnt fix crash at all.
2009-08-12 Daniel GenrichParticles: should fix crash on startup
2009-08-12 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-08-12 Janne KarhuNew point cache file format:
2009-08-12 Campbell BartonSet the clickstep for unit buttons to each click moves...
2009-08-12 Campbell Barton- was displaying 1cm as 10mm because of double precissi...
2009-08-12 Campbell Bartonfix for errors evaluating user input when units are...
2009-08-12 Campbell Bartonadded time units, currently only used when metric or...
2009-08-11 Campbell Barton- missing a decref for new pytypes
2009-08-11 Campbell Bartonuser interface units, off by default.
2009-08-11 Ton RoosendaalAdded libsamplerate.a in Makefile
2009-08-11 Thomas Dinges2.5: User Preferences:
2009-08-11 Ton Roosendaal2.5
2009-08-11 Guillermo S... SVN maintenance.
2009-08-11 Joerg MuellerFix for batch mode.
2009-08-11 Daniel GenrichSmoke: fix problem with more than 1 domain + collision...
2009-08-11 Joshua LeungAnimation Editors: Code Cleanup Part 1 - Drawing
2009-08-11 Campbell Bartonfix for using subtype units that are not defined as...
2009-08-11 Benoit BolseeFix a bug in Ghost causing crash on Blender exit.
2009-08-11 Campbell Bartonfixed mistake made when changing rna prop definition...
2009-08-10 Benoit BolseeMSVC project files: removed SoundSystem completely
2009-08-10 Joerg MuellerUNTESTED: Fixes for cmake on apple; libsamplerate and...
2009-08-10 Brecht Van... RNA: subtypes and units
2009-08-10 Brecht Van... RNA: make curve and metaball update functions consisten...
2009-08-10 Brecht Van... 2.5: Fixes
2009-08-10 Brecht Van... 2.5: UI, tweaks to curve mapping template to fit better
2009-08-10 Brecht Van... 2.5: Small optimization in color management code to...
2009-08-10 Guillermo S... Copy all the .h so sequencer_add.c does not fail.
2009-08-10 Diego BorghettiUpdate Makefile for audaspace.
2009-08-10 Joerg MuellerStop changing the includes!
2009-08-10 Benoit BolseeMSVC project files: add audaspace project, upgrade...
2009-08-10 Diego BorghettiAdd missing include dir to Makefile
2009-08-10 Guillermo S... Remove hardcoded path in include.
2009-08-10 Nicholas BishopSculpt/2.5:
2009-08-10 Joerg Mueller2.5 audio cleanup:
2009-08-10 Campbell Bartonmissing include for fluid
2009-08-10 Daniel GenrichSmoke:
2009-08-10 Campbell Bartonpatch from Stukfruit in IRC
2009-08-10 William ReynishIK constraint and armature modifier layout tweaks
2009-08-10 Campbell Bartonadding back button evaluation so you can do 1/60, 90...
2009-08-10 Campbell Bartonfix for build problem with audiospace and implicit...
2009-08-10 Guillermo S... Change linux makefiles to use system wide python lib.
2009-08-10 Guillermo S... Wrap message with " as the ' was giving issues.
2009-08-10 Guillermo S... Add initial support in Makefiles for audaspace.
2009-08-10 Campbell Bartonremove python2.x support
2009-08-09 Guillermo S... Add missing include paths.
2009-08-09 Guillermo S... SVN maintenance.
2009-08-09 Martin Poirierfix crash caused by stroke selection
2009-08-09 Joerg Mueller2.5: Sound branch merge!
2009-08-09 Nicholas BishopSculpt/2.5:
2009-08-09 Daniel Genrichsmoke: fix fft not working
2009-08-09 Daniel Genrichfftw + smoke: fifxing define (making it work with scons)
2009-08-09 Campbell Barton- fix error in last commit
2009-08-09 Daniel Genrichfftw: fixing mac linking name
2009-08-09 Daniel GenrichSmoke: little fix to ui
2009-08-09 Daniel Genrichfftw3 scons: hopefully fixing indent error
2009-08-09 Daniel GenrichSmoke:
2009-08-09 Campbell Barton- report errors on rna name collisions (does not check...
2009-08-09 Campbell Bartonpovray integration
2009-08-09 Daniel GenrichSmoke: decoupling of wavelet #2, new noise strength...
2009-08-08 Daniel GenrichSmoke: fixing collision objects again (bug introduced...
2009-08-08 Thomas Dinges2.5 Button Files:
2009-08-08 William ReynishImproved layout of voronoi texture. There was some...
2009-08-07 Thomas Dinges2.5 3D View Toolbar:
2009-08-07 William ReynishAdded material game physics options in RNA and layout.
2009-08-07 Campbell Bartonbpy_context_set and bpy_context_clear to replace a...
2009-08-07 Daniel Genrichsmoke:
2009-08-07 Thomas Dinges2.5: 3D View Toolbar:
2009-08-07 Campbell Bartonfix for crash while appending data. (missing NULL check...
2009-08-07 Campbell Bartonsvn merge
2009-08-07 Campbell BartongameObject -> blenderObject mapping was being created...
2009-08-07 Dalai FelintoBGE: removing remaining reference to sce->world->gravit...
2009-08-07 Daniel GenrichSmoke: test commit of PCG
2009-08-07 Campbell BartonPovray
2009-08-06 Thomas Dinges2.5 Mesh Draw Options: [WIP]
2009-08-06 Campbell Barton- fix for a crash in readfile.c, thanks Roelf for finding.
2009-08-06 Daniel GenrichSmoke: another 10-20% speed gain due to CG (conjugate...
2009-08-06 Campbell Barton[#19206] Fix MD2 Vertex Normal Export
2009-08-06 Campbell Barton[#19035] New Python command to set the active flag...
2009-08-06 Matt Ebbosx scons/ffmpeg tweaks
2009-08-06 Diego BorghettiCleanup a little to add "draw to buffer" (and bring...
2009-08-06 Diego BorghettiRemove bitmap mode from blenfont, only draw with textures.
2009-08-06 Thomas Dinges-Use getattr() now for constraints too. :)
2009-08-06 Daniel GenrichSmoke: forgot ui redraw event
2009-08-06 Daniel Genrichsmoke: decoupling high-res, introducing reset for heat...
2009-08-06 Daniel Genrichsmoke gui: refining the new simulation panel ui
2009-08-06 Thomas Dinges2.5 Smoke:
2009-08-06 Campbell Bartonoutput the origin for each map node.
2009-08-06 Campbell Bartonpedantic changes to python UI scripts
2009-08-06 Nathan Letwory* further cleanup of windows defaults for openal
2009-08-06 Joseph Eagaradded a 'repeat' option to vertex smooth in the main...
2009-08-06 Nathan Letwory* update windows default config for the openal updates...