descriptionProject for managing Blender render farm software
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last changeThu, 25 Apr 2019 09:14:59 +0000 (11:14 +0200)
22 hours ago Sybren A. StüvelAlso clear out failed_by_workers when using 'requeue... master production
23 hours ago Sybren A. StüvelRe-queueing a task now erases its `failed_by_workers...
7 days ago Sybren A. StüvelGracefully handle missing 'flamenco_last_project' in...
7 days ago Sybren A. StüvelPrevent Manager settings downgrade when already old...
7 days ago Sybren A. StüvelDocument new-style variables
7 days ago Sybren A. StüvelSupport version 2 of Flamenco Manager variables
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonClean up: Whitespace
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonUse kebab-case for vue names
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonSilence warning about changing prop value
2019-04-03 Tobias JohanssonWhitespace cleanup
2019-04-03 Tobias JohanssonBetter initial component values
2019-03-29 Tobias JohanssonDocumentation of es6 transcompile and packaging
2019-03-28 Tobias JohanssonAdd Created and Updated column
2019-03-28 Tobias JohanssonStore filter/column settings in localStorage
2019-03-27 Francesco SiddiUpdate gulp-sass to 4.0.2 in package.json
2019-03-26 Sybren A. StüvelNPM decided to add a LOT of new dependencies to package...
4 weeks ago v2.2 Tagged version 2.2
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22 months ago v2.0.4 Tagged version 2.0.4
22 months ago v2.0.3 Tagged version 2.0.3
23 months ago v2.0.2 Tagged version 2.0.2
2 years ago v2.0.1 Tagged version 2.0.1
2 years ago v2.0 tagged v2.0
2 years ago last-py27 tagged last version to run on Pytho...
2 years ago v2.0-beta10
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2 years ago v2.0-beta8 tagged v2.0-beta8
2 years ago v2.0-beta7 tagged v2.0-beta7
2 years ago v2.0-beta6 tagged v2.0-beta6
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