descriptionProject managing the Pillar project
ownerBlender Foundation
last changeWed, 24 Apr 2019 19:29:55 +0000 (21:29 +0200)
36 hours ago Pablo VazquezForms: Use own label element for fields instead of... master
6 days ago Francesco SiddiAttach all project pictures when viewing node production
6 days ago Francesco SiddiUse picture_16_9 as og_image
6 days ago Francesco SiddiEnhance project with attach_project_pictures
6 days ago Francesco SiddiAdd picture_16_9 when attaching project pictures
6 days ago Francesco SiddiSave 16_9 picture via Project edit form
6 days ago Francesco SiddiRename 16x9 to 16_9
6 days ago Francesco SiddiAdd picture_16x9 attribute for Project
7 days ago Sybren A. StüvelBumped Jinja2 2.10 → 2.10.1
10 days ago Pablo VazquezFix missing icons.
13 days ago Pablo VazquezCSS: Utility classes for column count property.
2019-04-10 Pablo VazquezTimeline: Less prominent project title.
2019-04-10 Pablo VazquezCleanup CSS.
2019-04-10 Pablo VazquezUI Asset List: Add custom class to meta items.
2019-04-08 Francesco SiddiAllow PUT method for owner on comment creation
2019-04-08 Francesco SiddiPEP8 formatting
2 years ago last-py27 tagged last version to run on Pytho...
2 years ago last-before-fusion Added tag for the last revision...
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4 months ago wip-comments-confidence-sorting
7 months ago wip-refactor-node-hooks
7 months ago wip-tags-view-progress
7 months ago tmp-video-endcard
7 months ago wip-redesign
8 months ago wip-frontend-design
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