36 hours ago Pablo VazquezForms: Use own label element for fields instead of... master
6 days ago Francesco SiddiAttach all project pictures when viewing node production
6 days ago Francesco SiddiUse picture_16_9 as og_image
6 days ago Francesco SiddiEnhance project with attach_project_pictures
6 days ago Francesco SiddiAdd picture_16_9 when attaching project pictures
6 days ago Francesco SiddiSave 16_9 picture via Project edit form
6 days ago Francesco SiddiRename 16x9 to 16_9
6 days ago Francesco SiddiAdd picture_16x9 attribute for Project
7 days ago Sybren A. StüvelBumped Jinja2 2.10 → 2.10.1
10 days ago Pablo VazquezFix missing icons.
13 days ago Pablo VazquezCSS: Utility classes for column count property.
2019-04-10 Pablo VazquezTimeline: Less prominent project title.
2019-04-10 Pablo VazquezCleanup CSS.
2019-04-10 Pablo VazquezUI Asset List: Add custom class to meta items.
2019-04-08 Francesco SiddiAllow PUT method for owner on comment creation
2019-04-08 Francesco SiddiPEP8 formatting
2019-04-08 Francesco SiddiPEP8 formatting
2019-04-08 Francesco SiddiCleanup: remove unused import and blank line
2019-04-08 Francesco SiddiExtend projects/view.html for page templates
2019-04-04 Pablo VazquezCleanup duplicate code.
2019-04-04 Pablo VazquezJumbotron: Subtle text shadow on text
2019-04-04 Pablo VazquezUI Timeline: Make buttons outline white when dark backg...
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonRemove unused import
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonClean up: Whitespace
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonUse kebab-case for vue names
2019-04-04 Tobias Johanssonwhite space clean up
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonSpecify prop type
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonSilence warning about changing prop value
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonWhitespace cleanup
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonAdd missing closing bracket to components
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonBetter initial component values
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonFix wrong prop type
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonBind vue component key
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonOnly use minified vue if built as production
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonWrong type was passed into component
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonRemove unused parameter
2019-04-04 Tobias JohanssonAdd example of usage
2019-04-03 Pablo VazquezUI Page: Fix link on header.
2019-04-03 Pablo VazquezUI Pages: Hide title if there is an image.
2019-04-03 Pablo VazquezUI Theatre: margin around comments container.
2019-04-03 Pablo VazquezCleanup: remove unused font-pillar link.
2019-04-03 Pablo VazquezCSS: include font-pillar into the main stylesheets.
2019-04-03 Pablo VazquezUI Alerts: minor style tweaks.
2019-04-03 Pablo VazquezCleanup: remove blender-cloud specific pug component.
2019-04-02 Pablo VazquezUI Breadcrums: Always show.
2019-04-02 Pablo VazquezUI Fix: Show sidebar on project edit.
2019-04-02 Tobias JohanssonRemove unused data property
2019-04-02 Tobias JohanssonFix typo
2019-04-02 Pablo VazquezUI Comments: Minor style adjustments and fixes.
2019-04-02 Pablo VazquezUI jstree: Fix collapse of folders with one click.
2019-04-01 Pablo VazquezUI Page: style the Edit bar.
2019-04-01 Pablo VazquezUI Pages: Add page title.
2019-04-01 Pablo VazquezUI Timeline: scale the placeholder to almost fit the...
2019-04-01 Pablo VazquezCleanup: Tweak comments and sort classes.
2019-04-01 Tobias JohanssonExport vue component user-avatar
2019-04-01 Tobias JohanssonVue getting started links
2019-04-01 Tobias JohanssonAdded comments
2019-04-01 Tobias JohanssonMark as deprecated an recommend vue instead
2019-03-29 Pablo VazquezUI Project: Show sidebar by default.
2019-03-29 Sybren A. StüvelMerge branch 'production'
2019-03-29 Pablo VazquezUI Page: Set page url as title.
2019-03-29 Pablo VazquezUI Page: style node description with its own class.
2019-03-29 Pablo VazquezUI Pages: Show Edit Post link.
2019-03-29 Pablo VazquezUI Pages: Only show header div if there is a picture.
2019-03-29 Pablo VazquezUI Page: Style like a regular page, not like the landin...
2019-03-29 Pablo VazquezTemplate Cleanup: Remove unused 'title' variable.
2019-03-29 Sybren A. StüvelHACK to get page editing to not 500 Internal Server...
2019-03-29 Sybren A. StüvelHACK to get page editing to not 500 Internal Server...
2019-03-29 Sybren A. StüvelFormatting
2019-03-29 Tobias JohanssonDocumentation of es6 transcompile and packaging
2019-03-28 Pablo VazquezUI Jstree: Small padding and height adjustment of anchors.
2019-03-28 Pablo VazquezUI Project: move sticky breadcrumbs when sidebar is...
2019-03-28 Pablo VazquezUI Jstree: Spacing and style adjustments.
2019-03-28 Pablo VazquezBreadcrumbs: Take into account breadcrumbs when scaling...
2019-03-28 Pablo VazquezUI: Toggle project sidebar logic.
2019-03-28 Sybren A. StüvelRemoved unnecessary <template> element
2019-03-28 Sybren A. StüvelBreadcrumbs: emit 'navigate' event when clicking on...
2019-03-28 Pablo VazquezBreadcrumbs: Initial styling.
2019-03-28 Pablo VazquezBreadcrumbs: Use <span> element in last item (_self).
2019-03-28 Tobias JohanssonRefactored Date columns to have a common base
2019-03-28 Tobias JohanssonAdd Created and Updated column
2019-03-28 Sybren A. StüvelCorrected comment
2019-03-28 Sybren A. StüvelAdded little clarification
2019-03-28 Sybren A. StüvelNode breadcrumbs
2019-03-28 Tobias JohanssonStore filter/column settings in localStorage
2019-03-27 Pablo VazquezUI: New mixin component for listing categories.
2019-03-27 Sybren A. StüvelRemoved unused imports
2019-03-27 Francesco SiddiUpdate package-lock.json
2019-03-27 Pablo VazquezUI: Font-size tweak for node description in timeline.
2019-03-27 Pablo VazquezUI: Font-size tweak to node description for blog and...
2019-03-27 Francesco SiddiFix typo
2019-03-27 Francesco SiddiFix for find_markdown_fields project hook
2019-03-27 Francesco SiddiNewline at end of file
2019-03-27 Pablo VazquezUI Timeline: support for dark backgrounds.
2019-03-27 Sybren A. StüvelUpdated bug report URLs
2019-03-27 Pablo VazquezCleanup: spaces to tabs.
2019-03-27 Pablo VazquezUI: Narrower column for text in jumbotron component.
2019-03-26 Pablo VazquezCleanup: Remove legacy Bootstrap 3 minified CSS file.
2019-03-26 Pablo VazquezCleanup: One indentation level too much.
2019-03-26 Pablo VazquezUI: Fix hidden fields showing up in project edit.